The chaos and choices of changing my name.

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As I write this, I’m preparing for an enormous change in my life. Not marriage, BTDT…, Not another move- though I’m pretty certain I’ll be relocating once again in a year or so.
No, this time it’s a step that feels even bigger to me… I’m changing my name.

Let me roll it back for a sec ’cause I know that might not sound like such a big thing. “Why not?” You ask. “What’s the big deal?” …

Simple Tips for Modern Living, #8

Instead of writing resolutions you might not stick to…

do this one thing to create positive change in your life immediately.

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Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, which, let’s face it… we all often make but few follow through on. Take a brief, but deep dive into your inner world rather than examining your outer one.

It’s all too easy

To get caught up paying attention to what isn’t working in your life, or what you wish were different…

I wish I ate better…

I wish I were more successful

or more of a “go-getter”

or braver

or weighed less

or weighed more

or had more friends

of more money

or worked harder…

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ Blog

Sometimes it’s all about being inspired by someone else, and letting them lead you to something bigger. I was inspired by Derek Sivers’ wonderful post about life and was moved to add to his exploration. See more about his work below.

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Derek writes about life as a continuing journey of, “crossing the world”.

“Cross the world four times.

First, in your teens or 20s, to take it all in. See it all, do it all, and learn. Get involved. Stay up all night talking with strangers, everywhere. Kiss and fall and promise to them all. Make lots of mistakes.


Simple Tips for Modern Living, #7

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Family Holidays = Stress

No matter what tradition, no matter whether you love ’em or want to head to an island somewhere, family holidays equal stress.

Maybe it’s all the travel planning,

Or the awkward greetings,

The parents who can’t seem to see that you aren’t 10 years old any longer,

The aunts/uncles who don’t get that you’re vegan,

or that you aren’t.

Whatever your situation, family holidays can be one fo the most frustrating times for all of us, even if you don’t have any family at all to deal with!

Simple Tips for Modern Living, #6

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Don’t Hide Your Light!

My Grandma used to say, “Honey, don’t hide your light under a bushel”.

It’s some of the best advice I ever got, and for a bunch of years I forgot about it.

I got caught up in life… LIFE!

There was the corporate consulting job that took more mental capacity each day than I thought I had, the university teaching gig as an adjunct, that paid a pittance, offered me zero benefits and gave me a ton of stuff I loved to teach.

There was the marriage and the puppy to train, and moving, and buying and selling homes, and…

Simple Tips for Modern Living, #5

Finding Your Payoff

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If you missed reading it, the first part of “Don’t Ask Why” can be found here.

In an earlier post I wrote:

The necessary answers will come into view as you move forward.

That’s what finding your payoff brings forth.

Many times we are told to “begin with why”. No matter what aspect of business we’re working to grow, the common thinking is to define our goals and understand why we are creating the business, or why someone wants to buy what we have to offer.

Why is the easiest place to get bogged down and come to a grinding…

Simple Tips for Modern Living, #4

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Being full of wonder seems to be easy for kids.

Because everything is new to them.

The world reveals new stuff every day when you’re young and you drink it all in.

Allowing yourself to wonder and be curious allows you to see things differently.

It allows you to be more flexible and agile in problem-solving.

Starting from, “how could I…?” gets you a few steps down the path of success without any effort at all.

Experiment: Say the following two sentences out loud and notice which feels more supportive and actionable to you:

“I can’t find a way to…(insert…

Simple Tips for Modern Living, #3


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Don’t ask “why”.

Why is a rabbit-hole.

It drags you into the past and keeps you stuck there.

Why is the hook that stops you moving forward.

Why will drain your energy.

Why is a stalling tactic.

Asking why is a sure-fire way to be immediately convinced that you need to do a million other things before taking some real action.

Why is the biggest excuse in the world.

Why is procrastination in three letters.

It’s sneaky, it seems so small and innocuous.

Wondering why brings action to a halt.

How folding paper can make you more resilient.

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Most of the time,

we don’t think of folding paper as a USEFUL thing to spend time on. But I want you to stop for a moment and think about it from this perspective.

Origami requires you to be fully present in the moment.

When folding paper into the intricate, or simple forms, you’ve got to be fully aware and 100% responsible for what you are doing.

Let your mind slip for a moment and your design falls apart or fails to spread its wings when completed.

Self-Confidence is a Myth.

Self-Confidence is a Myth.

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Self-Confidence is a Myth.

Take a look at any Google image search for the word “confident” and you’ll see a whole bunch of truly UN-inspiring pictures of people looking surprisingly, unemotional, directly into the camera.

I wonder why that is?

It can’t be that feeling confident s such an unemotional state, can it?

Maybe it’s that we’ve conflated feeling confident with power.

That’s where we’ve gone wrong.

“Missed the boat”, so to speak…

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Writer/blogger, Self-development Coach. Create a brilliant career and life aligned with your core values. Ask me about coaching.

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